Finally passed my driving test !

I finally passed my driving test!

OK, so I haven’t updated my blog as often as I had hoped. Oh, the innocence of a pre-university fresher! My first semester, and the first year FLEW by. I managed to get a 2:1, which I am really pleased with as the jump from A Level to University was harder than I expected. You have to pretty much motivate yourself and there’s so much independent study. I’m really pleased with my course and choice of uni- the social life is great and I’ve even joined some societies. At York, we actually have a society dedicated to Taylor Swift! It’s so fun; we meet up, eat pizza and talk about all things Swiftie.

In other news, being so far away from home is a struggle. It takes me hours to get back to Wales on the train and it can be so expensive if I want to go last minute to see my friends and family! However, I’m pleased to say that this will be a thing of the past as I have finally passed my driving test!!!  I had a few lessons with my dad back at home in Wales, but when I arrived at university I decided to use some of my student loan to learn properly, with an ADI approved instructor. Needless to say, I was terrified; the busy city roads are quite different to the quiet hills of the Valleys! I also decided to learn in an automatic car as I had previously really struggled with the clutch control (co-ordination really isn’t my strong point!). Taking away the stress of changing gear lets me properly concentrate on the road and my surroundings. My instructor was really patient, he encouraged me to go at my pace and I will be going back to him to do my Pass Plus! The Pass Plus includes motorway and night time driving, which will be really useful for the long drives back home.

It took me just over a year to learn, which seems like a long time but I was only doing an hour a week and I wanted to only take my test when I felt that I was fully ready. Plus, the backlog of driving tests at the moment is terrible! I actually had to book 12 weeks in advance and my test date finally rolled around at the beginning of May.

I can’t believe I haven’t even said anything about the theory test yet! I purchased the official DVSA app on my phone and swotted up on it for a few weeks. It was really great as it has test questions and hazard perception clips which are actually used on the real test. I managed to pass first time, so I could book my practical straightaway!

I had some extra lessons in the run up to the test day to make sure I was feeling confident about the test routes and manoeuvres (mind you, I don’t think I’ll ever feel confident about reverse parking!) and on the morning off the test, my instructor picked me up and I drove to the test centre. Before the test started, I had to read number plates from a distance to check my eyesight and then he asked me two questions about the tyres and lights. Then, we were off. I was so nervous when he got in the car, I was shaking! I had to follow the road and drove around for 35 minutes whilst he assessed my performance. Then, I had to follow the road signs towards Leeds for 10 minutes as part of the independent driving part of the test. Eventually, the moment of truth came. I pulled up at the test centre and he said “I’m pleased to say you have passed!” I COULD HAVE CRIED! I got 4 minors, which isn’t bad considering you are allowed up to 15.

I’ve sent my licence off to the DVLA and I’m waiting for it to come back pink! So exciting!

Now, I just have to get myself a car! Luckily, I have been saving up my loan and my parents are going to lend me some money, so I am shopping around for a second hand car. I’d love a Fiat 500 but I may have to wait until graduation!

Anyway, I think I have rambled on enough. Plus, there’s a SwiftSoc night out tonight, we’re all heading to Kuda so I better go and get ready!

A x

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