Starting Make Up Courses for my New Career!

It’s been a while since I updated my blog! I’m now in my third year of university and my attention has turned to my future career. Although I am studying graphic design, I’m not totally sure my heart is in it. I’ve found myself really enjoying makeup – I’ve been collecting it for a few years now, and my room in our uni house is pretty much filled with all of my fave brands like Too Faced, Kat Von D and MAC. Whenever we go on a night out, the girls all come round and I end up applying their makeup. It started off as simple requests – ‘can you put on my eyelashes?’ ‘Can I borrow this lipstick?’ and it’s turned into me giving them a full face. I love it, and they’ve even started offering me payment in forms of a drink or a takeaway at the end of the night. I find it super therapeutic to spend 45 minutes concentrating on just the makeup, and it allows me to practice my creativity – I’m constantly looking for new inspiration. I especially love the PLouise Takeover group on Facebook – you can post in there and get some constructive criticism from other makeup loving girls. I’ve posted in there a few times and got some great feedback, so it’s really got me thinking about whether I could make cosmetics my career?

I’ll be graduating in a few months, and I know I’ll be able to easily find a job in graphic design back home in Liverpool – there are so many great graduate schemes around. I really think that I’ll miss spending nights applying makeup to my friends, and not just for the social aspect. So, I’ve been having a little look into makeup courses, and I found that Chill Out Beauty Training Academy (based not far from my parent’s house) offers a range of make up courses. I’m particularly interested in the Make Up Pro course, which is a shorter, more affordable introductory course. I’m hoping to learn a bit more about how to find clients. I know you have to get insurance, so it would be amazing to get some advice on this. The course teaches you all about colour correcting and different skin tones, and about how to apply makeup to different eye shapes – I imagine the versatility of the course will really prepare me for the MUA life.

I think at first I’ll just be taking clients on the weekend as I build up my business, so it’s going to be a hard slog. Eventually, I’d like to get to the same level as some of my favourite local artists like Kate Hayes Makeup and Laura Hitchen, where I can teach other aspiring makeup artists on weekdays. Spending my whole day doing what I love would be a dream come true, but I’m realistic enough to know that it’ll take a while to get there.

I don’t feel like my degree has been a waste, as I have the skills to design my own branding and my website, so that’s a pretty cool asset to have.
Anyway, watch this space! It’s definitely very exciting, but I have a degree to finish first.

Alicia x

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